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With a population of over 1.2 Billion people, India is a country with vastly diverse demographics. And with this huge diversity comes in a myriad array of ideas that have been hand-crafting the future of our country – one solution at a time. Back when I was in college and even while working in the corporate, we had multiple occasions where some of us wished to contribute to causes that surround us. The only thing that was missing was the 'awareness'; the lack of a channel to get us through. While working in one of the remotest villages in Rajasthan, I was introduced to an organisation from the nearby district which empowers homemaker women from all the villages in nearby districts to be self-sustainable through providing them with employment opportunities (things they can do without moving out from their homes) and run a self-help group with other women in the village. The motive is fantastic, and so is their footprint in Rajasthan. But what lacks is a channel; that voices out these stories and helps such causes grow with an external support. We feel the need to make sure these stories are heard. Most of us have had a desire of giving back to the society through involving oneself; of working towards change, or of contributing towards causes that are close to our hearts in whichever capacity possible. And this was the very reason why we decided to begin.

We believe that the impact stories of enterprises inspire & expedite the process of change. Hence, we feel the need to voice out these stories so that they reach the masses and help serve the causes better. There are millions of us who wish to contribute and we at भारतCONNECT wish to make sure you aren't short on opportunities in trying to do good. भारतCONNECT is a social platform that aims to voice out the stories of change-makers who are working throughout the length & breadth of India to make lives better. We strive to bridge the gap between Social Enterprises and people looking out for opportunities to get involved through the most powerful medium – Stories.

Each of you has a unique story and we would love to hear them first-hand. We can’t even begin to fathom the inspiration it’ll spark in the minds & hearts of millions out there reading them. No cause or no initiative is small when it is done with conviction, and we promise to tell you the stories of the all these brilliant change movements that are shaping the society that we live in today. Wishing you the best,

The भारतCONNECT Team

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