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Maximum happiness to maximum number of people!

What have you done today to make yourself proud?

Two very powerful lines - one a statement and the other a question, began laying the idea of building this organisation. On asking themselves about how they can get people together to create the most positive impact on as many lives as possible, and with the belief that everyone of us has the capability to truly transform millions of lives, the foundation of this organisation was laid.

Zero Gravity (a part of Dr Shrikant Jichkar Foundation, a non-profit organisation registered under the Bombay Public trust Act 1950) is a volunteer network comprising of change-makers who work on designs to solve social problems and give sustainable solutions to the difficulties of the not-so-privileged. It works in various humanitarian activities thereby providing opportunities of sustainable development, employability, liveable environment, access to education, technological approaches as tool for better life, health facilities, hygiene & happiness showering events.

"Its always just a matter of time to take that first step", says Maitreyi Jichkar, Founder & CEO (Zero Gravity) & Secretary (Dr Shrikant Jichkar Foundation). "When you are young, you are told time & again that you are young, and that you need to wait….wait till you begin to change the world, wait until you finish education, wait until you have some money, wait until you have some power. What I realised was that I was here to serve a very unique purpose and that purpose was to share with other young people - that your time is now, that you don't have to wait, the world has never been more ready for you to go out and change it. One idea led to another and a group of few sat together & decided to come up with a platform that creates more change makers and leaders who live a life that will matter. The world doesn’t treat everyone as if they have equal value, and we thought there was something that we could do about that and thus began our story", Maitreyi tells us. With the belief in her ability to bring people together to collectively solve problems, Zero Gravity or ZG today serves as a platform that brings young change makers together who use their genius to find solutions to solve social problems and create an impact.

Programmes at ZG ZG is currently working with a huge volunteer base of 850 volunteers in Nagpur, Aurangabad and Pune in Maharashtra.

The Happy School Project

The Happy School Project is about redesigning the schooling experience of children in government schools through a holistic school makeover leading to increase in visual learning in children and their overall development. It is a voluntary government school makeover project of ZG aimed at enhancing the learning experience of students through visual imagery by implementing the concept of Building as Learning Aid (BaLA).

BaLA is about developing the school’s entire physical environment as a learning aid – the inside, the outside, the semi-open spaces – everywhere. At the core, it is about maximising the educational ‘value’ of a built space through understanding the process of how children learn.

"This concept was originally developed by Vinyas, Centre for Architectural Research & Design with support from UNICEF. While government may have limited resources, the demand for making or converting schools to Model schools with BaLA is growing by day", says Maitreyi.

Project Hindustan

Project Hindustan targets those rural areas around Nagpur that are devoid of basic healthcare facilities. The objective of this programme is to work with communities to establish a comprehensive, child-focused development approach that gives all community members the education, skills and opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty - forever.

They also organise periodic health camps and distribute free stationary to schools in dire need of supplies. They aim at a strong, healthy and bright rural India by making provisions for housing, portable water and generation of livelihood.

The major areas that Project Hindustan caters to are Education, Recreation & Sports, Clean Water, Sanitation & Hygiene, Healthcare, Alternative Income & Livelihood, Agriculture & Food Security, and Physical infrastructure.

The Fund ED Program

The Fund ED Program connects Donors and children who are in need of funds for education. Donors can make yearly donations to cover the required expenses of a child that they cater to. A Donor is matched with a student profile and therefore receives the details of a child with a photograph and the periodic progress reports of the child.

"Though India still largely lives in its villages, the latent potential of the rural masses to contribute in the growth of the country remains untapped. The key to developing this potential is education, but the educational landscape of India is bleak, with poorly run government schools comprising 95% of all schools in India. Education imparted in the local language means the majority of graduating students lack basic skills and are neither employable nor able to pursue higher education", says Maitreyi.

Till date, a total of 100 Children have benefited through this program.

Project Happiness

ZG has adopted several orphanages where they motivate the kids to live a purposeful life and inculcate in them a profound sense of belonging. We with the help of their generous donors, ZG tries to fulfil the daily as well as long term requirements of children living there.

They host carnivals for shelter home kids, provide institutional care to old age and handicapped homes, run goodwill campaigns, take up mega entertainment events for shelter home kids, host 'Farmers Market', etc. as a part of the Project Happiness.

Project Earth

ZG intends to make people fully conscious about the kind of environment we are leaving behind for the generations to come. The various activities carried out as a part of the Project Earth are environmental campaigns, cleanliness drives, tree plantation drives, wildlife conservation activities etc.

For the implementation of Project Earth, ZG partners with government, non-governmental organisations, community based organisations, and institutions or industrial establishments so as to ease out the process of carrying out the activities.

The Tutor Hero Project

Under this program, ZG connects their base of interested volunteers to kids from shelter homes and these volunteers in turn provide after school tutoring to the kids. The after-school support is focused on life skills and the holistic development of children at risk.

They aim to be positive role models for the children, to enable students to believe they can learn, and make learning fun.

Way ahead

ZG plans to launch scholarships and fellowships in the near future to maximise the impact of the work they are doing. They are working on creating holistic rural development projects and models so as to make new impact partners who will take the responsibility of spreading their work in more areas.

ZG plans to get into more hospital collaborations with regards to running their healthcare programs more effectively. In addition to this, they are looking at gradually scaling up the Happy School Project with government schools to more parts of the country by working in collaboration with education departments of different states across India.

How can you contribute? Zero Gravity has voluntary, internship, as well as part-time & full-time opportunities for people wishing to get involved.

To register yourself as a volunteer, click here: For internship/part time/full-time opportunities, get in touch via email at: If you wish to donate or invest, please drop in a mail at:

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For any queries/questions, you can reach out to Zero Gravity here: Email Address:,

Website: Facebook: Twitter: Head Office Address: #207, Ganga Niwas, WHC Road, Dharampeth, Nagpur - 440010, Maharashtra.

If you like this story, do share and spread the word. More stories to follow! :)

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