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"The universe is always speaking to us, sending us little messages, causing coincidences and serendipities; reminding us to stop, to look around, to believe in something else, something more", says Dr. Kiran Modi, the managing trustee of Udayan Care. An IIT Delhi graduate herself, Dr. Modi always had a vivid interest in researches based on the lives of the institutionalised children. Appalled by the lives of over 31 million children living in Out-Of-Home-Care (OHC) in India, she wished to mould the attitude of the system towards kids who are underserved in, or are abandoned by the society.

An unfortunate personal tragedy shook her world upside down, and it was during this time that she found her strength & emotional stability in sharing her life with these kids. During her visits to various shelter homes, she came across a striking behaviour of individuals or families who would drop by and distribute stuff to the kids, but would not be able to establish a connect with them or consider them their own. Her research led her into discovering that kids cannot be stationed in isolation from a community and therefore, with the help of a few like minded individuals, she contextualised a system of foster care with it’s foundation built on community orientation, and thus Udayan Care came into being. First of its kind, a group foster care model was set up to nurture orphaned & abandoned children, and give them a loving home, family bonding as well as a sense of belonging. This model ensured them all the opportunities that can help them develop as capable, socially aware and responsible individuals.

First of its kind, a group foster care model was set up to nurture orphaned & abandoned children, and give them a loving home, family bonding as well as a sense of belonging

Udayan Care has its own unique set of ‘lifetime volunteers’, who have dedicated themselves into making the lives of the children better by being their ‘parents’. The word 'Udayan' means 'eternal sunshine’ and today, these homes stationed amidst residential colonies across the country are shining with the energy of the kids and creating a dent in the mindset of the society every single day. Through her efforts, Dr. Kiran Modi has constantly proven to successfully bridge the gap between these kids and the society, where an 'Udayan Ghar' receives support in terms of mentors, parents, friends and such, in order to cultivate a sense of family among the children.

Here's a sneak peek into the life at an Udayan Ghar:

Programmes at Udayan Care

Udayan Care is currently working in 17 cities spanning 10 states across India, impacting more than five thousand lives.

Udayan Ghar

An indigenously developed model based on a strategy called "L.I.F.E. - Living In Family Environment", Udayan Ghar looks into each aspect of child development - right from parenting to education and co-curricular activities, health etc to ensure children feel loved and are well cared for, at all times. Under this programme, Kids are housed in a group of 12-14 in a neighbourhood that encourages community interaction, so that kids can re-integrate themselves in the society. Individuals and Corporates join hands through volunteering and the corporate mentoring programmes in order to make the daily life of children more enriching. Today, there are 13 Udayan Ghars with a total of about 352 kids staying in them.

Glimpse of an activity at one of the Udayan Ghars (Photo courtesy of the Udayan Care Facebook page)

Udayan Shalini Fellowship

Determined to support the higher education of girls, the Udayan Shalini Fellowship (USF) Programme was initiated in 2002 in Delhi. First batch of 72 girls began with an objective to support every girl to approach her dreams through advanced education and personality development skill training. Since inception, USF has supported over 5800 girls from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to leverage their massive potential so as to outshine the world.

Information Technology Programme

To uplift the personal, financial and social position of the underprivileged & disadvantaged children in the society, Udayan Care started an IT training centre. It began with an objective of opening new horizons of opportunities for young minds by allowing them to take informed choices and decisions. The training helped children and especially young women be better equipped in the era of technology and thus making them self sustainable. Since the establishment of IT centres, a total of about 4481 IT certification and 957 placements have been done, along with an orientation training to 5687 girls and 5607 boys.

After Care Programme for Boys and Girls

Children from NGOs who have usually had a delayed start come to Udayan Ghars, and are often unlettered due to the lack of formal schooling. They are therefore not equipped to fund for themselves after 18 years of age. Udayan Care’s After Care Programme is a pioneering effort in providing young adults the opportunity of independent living within the security of their Udayan family umbrella. The aim of the programme is to provide young adults with a secure stepping stone towards self reliance, so as to enable them to enter the competitive world once they’re 18. They are supported for their higher education needs and career guidance, as well as encouraged to take up part time jobs to experience and learn to manage their livelihoods.

(Photo courtesy of the Udayan Care website)

In addition to the above mentioned programmes, they carry out a variety of volunteering programs, CSR initiatives, fund raisers, and a programme called Pragnya which helps avail soft loans to students from Udayan Ghars for post graduate studies. They also conduct seminars as well as workshops on topics like child participation, child psychology, etc.

A glimpse of one of the CSR activities conducted by Udayan Care (Photo courtesy of the Udayan Care Facebook page)

Way ahead

Each and every kid at Udayan care has been nurtured with love and care and are confident youngsters with a high self worth. Having experienced the warmth of their Udayan home and family, the kids continue to maintain strong bonds with each other, and keenly contribute to their younger Udayan family. Udayan Care has a huge volunteer and intern base outside India as well. They are working on developing a robust model for internship and volunteer programmes to cater to the current structural needs of their national as well as international young generation volunteers.

Udayan Care is planning to expand to a few more cities in India and are looking out for volunteers and full time employees who can contribute to the cause.

How can you contribute?

Udayan Care has opportunities to intern and volunteer for people looking to apply. They are also open to sponsorship, donation and corporate collaborations.

If you wish to apply, you can find out more related information on their website, here:

If you wish to donate, please head over here:

Important Links

For any queries/questions, you can reach out to Udayan Care here: Email Address:

Website: Facebook: Twitter: Head Office Address: 16/97 A, Vikram Vihar, Lajpat Nagar-IV, New Delhi - 110024

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